Record screen title of active screen

Back in the day when there was a native floating button, you could easily grab the screen title of the active screen when the button was configured to show a form screen.

For example, we could use the floating button as a contact support link and pass the screen title through on the form via values from screen > screen title even when we pointed to a different source table in the form than the screen from which the button was clicked. This would allow us to easily identify the screen where the user was experiencing the issue.

Using either action rows or buttons and a custom action to develop the same workflow, the value from screen > screen title will only let me pass the screen title of the active form screen. Is there any workaround that I’m missing?

I would appreciate any insight, thx!

I don’t remember ever having “Screen Title” as a special value during form submission.

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Hey, Robert. I appreciate you weighing in on this. Below shows the Screen Title I was trying to pass through without any luck. I used the Special Values > Link to Screen instead and that does capture the URL of the active screen where the contact form is being accessed…perfect!

As always, I appreciate your time though. Thx

So that’s a column in your database, not the actual screen title?

Yeah, that was my bad…grabbed the wrong component and totally overlooked where the column was being referenced. Time to slow down, Gannon. :rofl:

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