Passing of screen column not functioning

I have a use case. Two sheets, Events and EventsResponse.
Events has a column Event Title.
When User click a button to participate, a form will show up for them to fill up the details. In this form, there is a screen column Event Title which I want to pass from Event to EventResponse.
I have done this successfully with another Event, but for the second Event I keep getting a blank column.
Of course I can pass User’s email and timestamp via special value for both cases.

Suggestions on what I did wrong?

Can you record a video of the bug in action?

thanks @ThinhDinh
here is the video…I can confirm that a few days ago, the form was working fine…now adding some extra fields to pass over to EventsResponses is failing.

here is link as I cannot attach mp4,


I have isolated to possible reason for screen column “bug”

  1. If I create a form button from the Event sheet, then all the screen column can be passed, e.g. Event description and so on

  2. If I create a “Link to screen” for the button first and then create a form button, then I will run into this screen column not being passed. When I was setting this up several days ago, some items can be passed…now even if I wanted to duplicate the same setting, non of the screen columns are passed, except for the “User input columns”.
    I think this is a bug because if you are not allowed to pass screen columns, then they should not appear when we add components.
    My video link in previous message have shown this bug. Only now I am clearer in the process of getting this bug. Hope Glide team can look into this and verify.


You’re linking to the same item and the form can not take the screen values with it?

Yes. Had tested several times.
I also noticed that there are some screen columns missing if I compare the two screen column list. But of course, for testing I selected items which exist for both scenarios.


I think it was my error…when I link to screen I link to “EventsResponses”…this is why column list is different but some of the names are the same. And I am passing values which are yet to be set…meaning passing EventsResponse onto EventsResponse, leading to empty columns.

However, the “error” I made several days ago is still functioning…so kind of puzzling on this.

Anyway, I will find another way to get my desire output. Thanks.

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Yeah, that’s why I asked if you linked to “this item”. Hope you find a way out soon.

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yes. should be easy now I know the error…thanks for helping.

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