Bug in Container Visibility in a Form

I Show the Form Screen for a record. In the Form Screen I organize info to capture as components encapsulated in Containers.

I can set visibility on a any component based on values of my initial Screen, but the same condition doesn’t work for the container…

On a side note, it is very annoying to not be able to set a default value for a Choice component in a Form. It works with all other components (Text Entry, Switch, Date, etc.), why not Choice components

Can you attach a video of the bug?

An alternative is to build a custom form where you can use a set value column to populate a default choice, but if you have too many fields then it might become a hassle.

Hi @ThinhDinh here we go, but it’s a bit weirder even… :sweat_smile:

That looks weird. Is that “Contract type” column you reference a column in the destination sheet or on the screen you were viewing before you access the form?

The destination Sheet is the same then the Screen Sheet, so the Form just adds a row. The “Contract Type” column is just on the screen I was viewing before launching the Form.

Not sure it’s linked, but I also have problems doing a Set Column Value on Submit of the form.
Doing a Set Column Value on “this item” crashes silently, as any action I add after that one never happens.

I also tried a Set Column Value on a column in a relation I had on my initial screen. That one doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t change the values either.

So I did a Copy to Clipboard from a column from that same relation as an Action, and it returns the correct value in the Clipboard…

Doing both Set Column values as a direct action from the initial screen works fine.

So is that value on the first row of the linked table?

Can you set conditional visibility based on a screen column in Glide Pages?

Yes, but just not in a Form…