A way to trigger photo array to change to the next one?

Let’s say there’s a photo array for 5 photos. Can I use any means to “switch” the photo to the next one like we’re displaying slide? Doesn’t have to be real-time, the latency is acceptable as long as the photos will be switched to the next one.

I can think of a way to use the incremental button to make that work. But I am not sure if there are some other better ideas I overlooked.

  • in this case I think of photos only because I’m practicing the scarcity cases as much as I can, because I just learned that some kids in my area can’t afford large internet package just to learn online, through hours of videos, for the whole semester with not just only one subject. Some parents even have to find a phone for kids to learn online during this time.—I am trying to build a learning tool in constraints.

Thanks for all ideas.

Isn’t that what the image carousel using the array column is for, or do you need any further features with this?

As a teacher might be teaching using voice live, I wish teacher could switch to next slide (next photo) for all kids watching the carousel. does that makes sense?

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think i’m going back to the finstagram concept, i think it is more interesting comparing to the carousel. thank you!

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@everys have a look in the app in this post. Upload multiple images to Cloudinary

Here you use an inline list as an incrementer

I thought you might even put a constraint on how far the user can navigate ahead by allowing an super user to on the fly switch the max image number to jump ahead

wow, that’s a great idea i never had a thought about. Thank you @Krivo for the example! And thanks @ThinhDinh for always stopped by my posts :smiley:

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My pleasure to help bro. You’re from Thailand right? Greetings from Vietnam.

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I’d been visiting HCMC from time to time during years :smiley: Hello from Bangkok.

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Hope you enjoyed that! Living in a city 30km away from HCMC, was there for 5 years during my university time.

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