🏞️ Simple Image Carousel (Using New Query Column)

What’s up Gliders!

Here’s a simple tutorial explaining how to create an image carousel using Glides new Query column. To my knowledge nobody has posted this method before and it seems like a fairly decent solution to me…? The only issue I see is that the slide number isn’t user specific so you may run into some sliding chaos :sweat_smile:

There are of course more scalable/elegant ways to get the job done but this was the first method that came to mind so I kept everything basic for the tutorial.

Interested to hear your thoughts!


Quick Update: Looks like you can in fact make the slide number “user-specific” which means everyone can slide at their own pace without the slides being changed by other users :fire:

Image Carousel Small

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Nice and simple :+1:

But obviously it won’t scale very well - imagine what your custom action would look like if you had a carousel of 100 images :wink:

A more scalable approach might be something like:

  • Use a rollup to count the number of images
  • Then with your custom action (right hand side):
    – If current index is less than image count, then increment current index by 1
    – Else set column values → current index → 1
  • Do the opposite with the left button action, ie.
    – If current index is greater than 1, then increment current index by -1
    – Else set column values → current index → image count

That should give you the same effect that you have now, but will scale to any number of images without modifying the action.


Thanks Darren!

Of course! I’m not even sure a custom action could support so many if/then arguments :rofl:

I only had 3 images in the example so I used the first method that came to mind… but your alternative is definitely a more elegant solution :clap:

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That’s what I’d do

Thanks for sharing @Loqode :pinched_fingers:

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Great tutorial but I am very worried about what this would do to the updates quota…

In one of my Apps, I use the method that @Darren_Murphy once shared in the forum. It involved the “roll-dice” column and then slicing the array.
That has zero impact on my updates and the slides are automatically changed. I just can’t seem to find that thread at the moment, maybe Darren can point to it. It is very helpful for me until we have something native for an image carousel.

Maybe this one?

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We talked about this workaround time ago here https://community.glideapps.com/t/create-an-image-gallery-carousel-in-glide-pages with new features/tricks but good to know that there is a newer video able to show all this!


Bingo :dart:. That’s the one. That’s the work of genius. I still marvel how you come up with these things :hugs: