Infinite automatic image slider

I am a complete beginner in Glide, and I have been trying to make a vertical infinite image slider carousel in Glide. I have over 100 images that I would like to put in multiple( 3 or 4) vertical carousels, which all run and repeat randomly within the 100. Could anyone help me out with this? I only have the free version of Glide. Anything will do great help.

There might be a low-code way of doing it using GitHub and webview components, but to use the webview component you must be at least on a Pro plan. I’m not aware of any other alternatives.

I think the closest you could get to that would be to stack a number of images on top of each other, and then create an action that loads a new random image when each image is tapped/clicked.


Could I try the free trial then use it? If I cancel the free trial would my progress with this dissapear?

You can do this within Glide without any hassle.

You will not be able to build a carousel yet you will have randomly changing images every 10 seconds.

It may seem like a lot of steps but each step takes less than 20 seconds.

  1. Get your image links
  2. Create a column having joined comma separated list of all your image links (ex: "",",“”)
  3. Create a split text column and target your joined list column you created previously. This will result in a column hosting all your image links as an array.
  4. Create a roll up column to count your image link array in the split text column.
  5. Create a roll dice column: set the seed as ‘current time’ and the sides as your roll up counter column.
  6. Now create a new math column that will just subtract ‘1’ from the number provided by your roll dice column. (this is because any array in any software, counts 0 as 1)
  7. Now create a slice array column. In your array input, select one of your very first columns that house the image links as an array. In the start input, push the column that has subtracted 1 from the roll dice column. In the end input, push the roll dice column.
  8. Finally, you can now join your previous column, using a joined list column and using nothing (‘’) as a separator. This is the most important column as it will house your randomly changing image link.

Now, all you have to do is use an image component and target this column.

Hope this helps.

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How would I do this for 100 images+? Manually typing in image links seems inefficient

Where would the links come from in the first place? If you already have them in a table, you can also use a lookup column, or a joined list column asking with a split text column.


As long as they are in a glide table or a Google sheet, you’re good to go.

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