A Glide App for Car Pooling

Hi guys, new to Glide Apps - but LOVING the quick development times!!! Today is Day 5.

Have been asked to develop a car pooling app for a service organisation I belong to (think Rotary). Basically allows people to ask for a lift to an event; or post availability in their vehcle for an event.

Want to avoid reinventing the wheel if someone already has a template that can get me started.

Have a great Christmas.


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what functions your app should have? you won’t make next Uber with Glide :wink:

:slight_smile: No I don’t need an Uber clone.

Essentially I am looking for something that allows a user to subscribe to the app for their defined geographic area. The user then has the ability to post to all users subscibed to that area to say “Can any one give me a lift to the xxxxx meeting tonight”; or “I am going to the xxxxx meeting tonight and have 3 seats available in my car”.

The apps needs the ability for another user of the group to respond to the request.

Very simple - and I can visualise how I would do it - but if someone else has already done it - it will save me some time.

so pritty much a chat app? you don’t need tracking drivers, and collect payment?

sort of… but with some geofencing included.

Glide can only do straight line distance calculation

I was thinking of doing it by Post Code. In New Zealand a Post Code is around 5 kilometres sq.

you can calculate distance, from geaolocation of the device… but it will be off if any briges or rivers… or get Google maps API

…it doesn’t need to be too precise - “blunt instrument” is fine. Each post code would probably only have 20 or 30 active members - and they will all know each other.

Want the app to to solve the problem of someone arriving at a meeting for someone to say to them “oh if I knew you were going to be here I would have offered you a lift”.

Low grade tech stuff…


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so, not that complicated… for sure someone here has a ready template… just to modify a little… what kind of notifications? email is ok?

…would prefer SMS but email would work.

SMS is very complicated to do, unless you wanna use paid services… email is easy

I operate an SMS gateway - so easy to use email2sms option. Simply enter the email address with a cell no @thesmsgateway.com e.g. 02343543@smsgateway.com and the message is sent to the cell rather than the email address. Same tech that is used for SMS marketing.

in US that service is no longer supported , SMS comes with minutes or even hours delay

Wow. SMS was used to replace emergency “pagers” a few yearfs back. Scary.

no… i mean emailing to SMS LOL… i had a customer likely, who wants SMS notifications, and I did try this method… and it works with big delays… i called the T-Mobile, and they said that no longer supported, so I end up building an internal App in he’s phone to send SMS from he’s account

oh ok. Sorry - misunderstood. Email2SMS is very reliable here. Split second response.

Hi! You can start from here: https://app-for-car-pooling.glideapp.io
It is simple, allows you to find users with the entered postal code. And prepare a list of addresses to send to the SMS service
If you need some advice you can ask me

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Added the ability to respond to a request

Thank you so much. Very exciting.

I will take a look now.

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