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Howdy everyone. I have a project I need to launch on August 11th. I have worked around on Glide but I know some things have advanced. What I am making is a community block party app. Work flow is as follows
-Sign in
-Goes to map in the users area.
-shows a list of block parties in the area
-if no parties are listed, the user can “create a party”

Party RSVP puts the user in a room of people who are attending.
In the rsvp there are 4 groups, food, beverages, activities, supplies/donations
When user joins a room, discussion on what to bring is discussed.

I would also like to have an IG type tab where people can post their pictures.

HELPPPPPP :slight_smile:

Thank you awesome fellow gliders

You could copy this as a guide. It’s old, so probably could be improved quite a bit with some new features, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

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You are awesome. I know theres a lot of resources, I just don’t have the time to research but know yall will help. Thanks Jeff. :slight_smile:

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There are quite a few templates…
You can also look at the Glide experts or set up a call with us if you want your app fully built.

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