Hello All,

I am interested in making an app similar to meetup but for a specific niche. I would need users, groups, group admins etc. Does anyone have enough experience with Glide to advise as to if something like this would be doable?

I’m not familiar with meetup, but I would say just about anything is possible and what you are asking for should be doable. Sometimes it just takes a bit of rethinking if the original design plan isn’t working out. You can build an app pretty quickly, so it’s worth trying it out. If you get stuck somewhere, I’m sure a lot us can help you out. Check out some of the templates to see if any of them are close to what you want.

Okay thanks a lot for the reply. Basically, I want to create an events app where a user can post an event and then other users can quickly say that they are going and post comments - the event could then also show a list of everyone attending

Yeah, that should be possible.

Ok thanks! I’ll start building and reach out to the forum with any questions as I go