We Are Going to Live on Clubhouse Now

Hello everyone I am part of NoCode Club in clubhouse (2.2k Members)

I can create events for them. I want to talk about GlideApp power on clubhouse. Anyone wants to join room and talk. It will be very benefical i think.

If you have clubhouse account add me @bahadirkaya and write your profile name here and I can make them co-host.

@david Glide should be talk on clubhouse i think. If anyone manage I want to join.


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Iโ€™m up for a chat - @markturrell on CH

I actually created an app for the Israeli clubbers using glide


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Great!! Can you invite them to our talk

Iโ€™m in! Letโ€™s schedule one for next week?


Add me @purvangjoshi

iโ€™m in / @erwblo

This is me @iamdaniel


Next week is good - I have hosted lots of rooms so happy to set one up (or just join whatever is there :slight_smile: and hopefully it is morning PT so folks like me in Europe can join in :slight_smile:

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I decided time as:
23.30 PST for SAN francisco

8.30 for germany

Because, making event for Europe and SAN Francisco is diffucult:( I tried to find optimum one:)

@david please Add me on clubhouse for being Co-host


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We are talking glide on clubhouse

Iโ€™m in the roomโ€ฆ but no one else is (I followed the link and โ€˜started the roomโ€™). Hopefully it is still on!

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The room finished at 1100 CET - so 2.5 hours discussing No Code app making, focused on Glide. Fascinating chats!

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Damn missed it!


We should do this regularly