Community Update: Glide events are BACK 🗓️

Hello Gliders,

Good news - we’re springing back into our online and offline events.

Coming up this month:

And we’ve got more in the works for the rest of the year, including:

We’re also excited to see community members running their own Glide events, like:

Want to host a Glide event, or have Glide sponsor your event?

Let’s talk about it! Send me a DM.

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • Added Meta Pixel integration
  • Improved the look and precision of Radial Charts
  • New apps now default to “auto” choice for light vs dark theme
  • Chat input has been better configured to remain in the viewport when focused
  • Resolved a rare occurrence where accent colors weren’t rendering correctly
  • Resolved a bug where Microsoft drives weren’t visible when selecting an Excel file
  • We now truncate long descriptions from the action node so it appears

Member shoutouts :medal_sports:

Shoutout to this week’s contributors leaderboard, including…

Remember: Contributions range from simple reactions to starting conversations. These all make our community more useful for other members. Every little bit helps!

From Glide and the community :raised_hands:

From the Glide team:

Have something to add?

That’s it for this week! :dove:

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I love these community updates Andy, the overview is practical.