Community Update: No-Code NYC, Layout editor improvements

Happy Summer Solstice, Gliders! :sun_with_face:

Today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the official start to summer, and it’s the earliest the solstice has been in 228 years. Want to learn more? Google’s got the goods.

Here’s what’s going on this week…

Replay: Building a $1M+ software agency with no code

We had a stellar turnout to yesterday’s event with @Oscar_V88 about starting and growing a no-code development agency. There were so many questions that we had to schedule a follow-up session for extended Q&A.

Yesterday’s replay is now available. Details on the follow-up Q&A coming soon!

RSVP: No-Code NYC meetup with Glide + Slack

Learn how to extend Slack with Glide and Tightknit, no coding required.

Join us at Fabrik’s new community space in Tribeca on Thursday, June 27th at 6pm ET for a workshop with No-Code NYC, Slack’s NYC community chapter, and Tightknit.

On the agenda:

  • Building custom software in Glide
  • Building custom workflows in Slack
  • Connecting Glide and Slack together via Tightknit

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the no-code community. We’ll have snacks and drinks available for all attendees, too.

New Glide features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • Performance improvements to how we load components in Glide apps
  • Improvements to component selection in the Layout editor
  • Toggle select mode with meta key cmd in Mac or ctrl in Windows
  • New Table and Data Grid now load values in the Layout editor’s data panel
  • Updated login and loading screen styling for the In Preview version of Glide
  • Fixed bug with Viewing As menu in the Layout editor
  • Fixed issues with bulk (5+) uploads via Image Upload component
  • Fixed issues with incorrect theme colors
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling with Action Row on slide-in
  • Fixed issues with editable choices/tags in new Table component
  • Fixed an edge case where you couldn’t duplicate a broken action workflow
  • Fixed issue where the “new version of Glide” message appears via support and invite links
  • Learn More on queryable data sources now links to our Big Tables docs
  • Generate embeddable links from custom HTML with HTML to URL
  • New Table component can sort by computed columns when connected to Big Tables. Enable More computed columns in Glide Big Tables in Team Settings > Previews to try it.
  • Improved error messages for the DocsAutomator integration (thanks @Rupert!)
  • You can now specify the cache timeout for Get Webpage Source

Glide Certified shoutouts :mortar_board:

Congrats to our latest round of certifications…

Level 1

Level 2
@gvalero @akshay_more @Kurt_Penberth @Dino_Zekino_Kouye

Level 3
@Perry_Grace @xaviigna

New resources from Glide and friends :handshake:

From the community :raised_hands:

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That’s it for this week!

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