New Glide Assistant Chatbot!

Use this brand new GLIDE CHATBOT!!!

To help you with any of your Glide related needs!

Ask it ANYTHING and it will respond fully as it is powered by the enterprise version of SearchlightX, an AI model I founded.

Also, I have a budget and it might run out and the chatbot might be temporarily cancelled until the next month…So try and use it while you can!

It searches Glide’s sites, all of them, and it automatically updates so why do we need anything else?

Try it now! Or use the original non-enterprise SearchlightX AI model at


Just totally renovated it and uploaded every Glide public file and webpage into the database so it can answer questions from it. Didn’t realize that it was just using the transcript to answer. It actually works now, so more testing is def. required!

Also, it can now help with all the stuff on the university and docs, so I think it could take away a lot of pressure from the community.

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Just realized that the community files and some of the Glide pages failed to load in because I reached my storage quota and cannot add any more. Should work just fine as it has the dynamic pages plus 646 of Glide’s pages. (there was 939 of them plus over 5000 community pages)

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