¿Looking for an AI assistant to create your Glide apps?

Hi guys!

These last months i’ve been working in a bunch of projects using AI, from automation to creation of things with it. Right now the main platform that im using (to create and get data from dahsboard) its Glideapps, but i know, that maybe, learn every aspect of it can be kinda tedious to some people that dont have the time to sit down search and read what they need to do. So for you, glide developers, i create “Glide Guide” a GPT that can help you achieve any idea that you want inside glide.

Glide Guide

If you have any feedback to improve the results of this GPT its well recieve!

have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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Nice one Alvaro

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thanks Adam!

@Alvaro_Souza looks interesting. How did you create this setup - is that something you would like to share?

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Hi Krivo! Sure,

This gpt has every info of glide that is on the web. from the entire documentation to hours and hours of youtube video content for building things inside of it.

Its mixed with a very good instructions prompt too.

@Alvaro_Souza I’m curious on how you actually create your own gpt and expose it in ChatGPT. Maybe you want to share something about that. I know that this is actually something outside the scope of glideapps. But just curious :sunglasses: