Here’s an idea, just throwing it out there, good or bad?

So with lots of ideas buzzing around in my tiny mind, about using glide to provide useful information to users, I am often thinking about data sets and how to get the volume of data (and time to collect the data) to make the concept viable.

For example an app to provide details of cars around the world and their co2 emissions.

So here is my idea.

Pay people to help me collect data!

If I had say 10 individuals who would be willing to research and provide data on a google sheet, in a pre defined format, and then for me to amalgamate that data into one master sheet I could use in glide.

Could be a market place of sorts where you offer up your services as a data collector or put out a request for data to be collected.

Yeah there would need to be some sort of splitting up of data to be collected to stop everyone searching and compiling the same info and some sort of validation to confirm that the data is of good quality, but maybe doable?

The market place for this could be on a glide app too, and the data entered straight into the sheet?

What do ya think? Good or Bad idea?

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In practice how would the data be validated?

That is a risk, perhaps ask the data collector how they validated or where they sourced the data.

Perhaps to confirm data validity you could tie compensation for rendered service to “input” type where:

  • New piece of information = 1 point
  • Confirmation of piece of information = .5 point
  • Negation of piece of information = .5 point

… Then only pay out IF any subset of information is confirmed by X # of unique users. Now you would have to play with the incentive scheme to appropriately balance or limit bad data entry. But that’s the idea — just brain storm.


Nice :+1: suggestion like it