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I do get more and more reactions of people that don’t want to use Google products. So Airtabrl or other support would be helpful.

Interesting, what reasons if any are they giving you? Also what kinds of opportunities to sell apps are you loosing?

The trust in powerful companies like Google and Facebook is getting lower and lower.

I give a Glide course and lose 3 out of 10 interested people.

Sheets encryption could be an answer. Encryption shared with the sheets and Glide, of course.

I have no idea if this is in fact the future planned for Glide but once the data editor is “mature” enough, maybe a simple csv upload could be possible and all the logic will be handled inside the editor.


If we’re going to chat about this then I’d flag as a platform (like Airtable) for inclusion in any future expansion.

Then again, we’d be getting away from the utilitarian, every man’s beauty that is a spreadsheet. :wink:

I’m not at all familiar with but just took a look. For one user paid yearly it’s $30 per month. Yes there is a free plan but it is limited, docs say 1000 rows but a deeper dive shows that it’s not just that limitation. They count objects which include sections, tables and views, controls, and formulas. No matter how you slice it you most likely would end up needing to pay something. With Sheets its free.

@erwblo and @Paul In my opinion I think Glide should continue to focus on added features and internalizing spreadsheet functionality, instead of trying to hook the back end to a variety of other platforms. You can’t make everyone happy, but 7 out of 10 is pretty good in my book.


“7 out of 10 is pretty good in my book.” I don’t know how it is where you live, but the distrust in the big internet parties is growing fast here and a trend not to neglect I think.

I should have further emphasised my preference for running with Sheets - nice and simple. :sunglasses:

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I’m personally fine with Google, but building on someone elses property remains dangerous.


Part of our plan has always been to support more data sources than just Google Sheets, and to maybe eventually offer a Glide-only solution, without an external data source.


Would love to see an option to use the “cryptoJS for Sheets” library to allow for end-to-end encryption of everything but column names. Unless I’m mistaken, it seems Glide relies on the column names and doesn’t require knowledge of the decrypted cell contents…?

If so, providing a boilerplate sheet with a couple of apps script templates to handle encryption and permissions could take Glide to a very highly secure level.

This would be lovely. Sheets data row limitation is a big thumbs down. Please make your own solution and make it really scalable, supports a million row data please.

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Connection to document based db would be awesome for one!