🇺🇸 50% Off Glide Pro on Memorial Day

It’s a holiday at Glide Headquarters, so here’s a coupon for 50% off one year of Pro: GMD206795

Happy Memorial Day and stay safe!


Thank you for the hard work behind the scenes, stay safe as well!

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Awesome @david ! For how long will this coupon be valid?

Until tomorrow.


Hello, I want to use this discount and switch to annual billing., how can I do that? Currently I am on monthly

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Pro is on a per-app basis, correct? The monthly fee does not include more than one app we create. If we create three apps, we pay three monthly fees? Just want to make sure I’m reading this right.

I tried to use this coupon in my already pro App and switch to annual. I canceled my current subscription, but when I try to restart an annual subscription it does not ask me for a coupon? How can I use this coupon correctly? I would love to start an annual subscription.

Just cancel your current plan and then sign up again with the coupon for yearly. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

@hrdeitz Yes Pro is per app.

Yes, the coupon field is not visible, you have click on the “payment detail” menu at the top right corner to be able to fill in the coupon field.


So here is the problem, I can not choose to type in any coupon since I cant even get to billing…


Thanks for this offer. If I buy an app in account X, will you help moving the PRO to a different account later on? I want to get in on the offer but don’t have logistics ready for the new account I want to use.


It doesn’t work. My monthly plan expires June 11 and I can’t even upgrade to the annual.

A subscription transfer facility was announced few weeks ago, I’ve found the message in this forum. We have the ability to reassign Pro apps to any of our Free apps. All we have to do is:

  1. Go to the Billing Section, click the three dots next to the Pro app we wish to no longer be Pro, and click “Transfer subscription”:

  1. Select the app we wish to become Pro from the dropdown.

So, for apps with monthly subscription, transfer this subscription to another app. Then, upgrade the previously monthly pro app to an annual pro app using the coupon.

I have not tested by myself but it should work. On my side, I have first canceled the monthly pro app, but it also expires the 11th of June, so as cancelled, I can’t change anything for this app till expiration. So I have subscribe wirh the coupon foe another app, and I will switch this subscription the 12th of June!


I have the same case like @mthakershi!!

May I move my Pro App (license) from an account XX to a new one (YY) later while I finish my final APP?

Gracias @david!

great stuff. Already on a plan and no plans for new apps but will get one to support the team.

Jeah i have the same issue, you can see the prblem in the GIF i posted.

Hey Jack,

It did not work. Really would like to usw the coupon and switch to yearly payment. :confused:

Can you help ne out?

Best Regards,

I guess that’s a no from Glide?