Thanksgiving Discount on Glide Apps

Hello @david @Mark


Who can qualify as “New Customer” to avail this benefit? Is a new App i.e. not renewal of existing App? or new Account on Glide?

I do not have any Pro App as of now but I am going to do it in next few days as my App is ready now, can I avail the benefit of this?



When I apply code, I am not able to see the change in pricing.

Could you please send screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Hi Mark, sorry I am not having access of big screen now, shall share the screenshot afterwords.
But I can atleast tell, when I am trying to upgrade the app with Pro Public App Annual payment, I was asked to pay USD 288 (Pay USD 144 Now) after using code.

Not sure, if 50% is already applied or not.

If you pay $144 for a $288 annual subscription, that means the 50% discount has been applied.

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Okay Thanks.
I thought, Glide was asking me to pay USD 144 Now and balance amount afterwards.

The wordings got me confused. No problem
Thank you so much. Will immediately upgrade the App.

Is there any limit on number of Upgrade using Discount Code?

You can only use the coupon for your first upgrade.

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Got it. Thanks

It’s also a one-time discount. If your app renews in a year, the discount is not applied.

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Thanks for clarification. And I also understand that it will work till Saturday. I hope that’s correct.

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Sorry to extend this thread @david , when I trying to Upgrade my another App (I upgraded my main App with 50% discount, thanks for that), it is showing me more amount than the actual value. Not sure why. Can you please look into this? may be I am missing something?

That is very strange! Can you please email with a link to your app?