I have lost my BlackFriday50% Promo Code

My app’s URL: https://asgrealty.glideapp.io/

What do you mean, you lost it? The code is GLIDEFRIDAY and you can apply it to your first upgrade, when you pay for an app.

I received a notification when working on my glide app I think yesterday or so… Offering me 50% Off my first glide subscription… but I didn’t took note of it :sweat_smile:
Can I get it back Please :slight_smile:

Thanks very much David !!

@Samy_Info he gave you the code.

Thank you !! I will use it Monday as I need to topin my card in my bank. :wink:

According to the email, it may no longer be valid, but I’m not sure.

From email:

PS: The discount is available through Saturday, November 28 and can only be redeemed by new customers, so please act swiftly!

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Thanks, It’s already applied to the amount now it shows 50% to be paid, for tomorrow :slight_smile:

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