2 Duplicate apps Dark\Light on same sheet + shared glide tables

Hi expert,
interesting questions.
I want to give my users the option of choosing dark or light mode when they sign up to my app.
I want to duplicate my dark mode app using the same sheet and synch my glide tables to both apps and adjust all the design UI\UX to Light mode.
I am concurred about data synch.
For example, my app allows the trainer to view all trainee data and communicate.
If the trainer will use the dark app and the trainee the light mode, will all the data and relations be shared correctly? It is the same DB…
I know I will have to maintain 2 pro apps with different sub domains and all that follows…
Can you think of any problems that might come up from this?

Should work. At most, there might be a slightly longer delay to sync data, but probably wouldn’t be noticable.

I think the biggest hurdle (besides what you are already aware of) would be if a user wants to switch themes, and then you will have to redirect them to the other app, which means they will have to sign in again.

I did think about it…
I am less worried about the “save to home” because I made an instructor in my app with GIFS that explains “how to” and displayed according to the browser :slight_smile:
But if a user switched themes and is now logged in to both at the same time, will it cause problems?
I have a lot going on there… lots of data writing and compound actions and relations that are based on a session IDs that I create from uniq identifiers…
I will have to test this for weeks before actually going live…

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You might already be aware of this, but when you share Glide Tables amongst multiple apps, only the basic (non-computed) columns are shared. If you start by making a duplicate, then of course you’ll have all the computed columns. But from that point forwards you’ll need to manually keep the two apps in sync. That is, if you add/change a computed column in one app, you’ll need to make the same change in the second app - even if the change is in a shared Glide Table. Just something to keep in mind.

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Nothing wrong with having two apps installed, or being logged in at the same time. Should be fine.

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Updating and maintain 2 (or more) environments can be a pain in the …
I already have that with several apps that I created for customers that purchased a white label version of my app. they have their own design and logo but all the same features and functionalities ,
Whenever I have a small fix or update it takes me hours instead of minutes.
I wish we could have like a sort of version management tool in Glide.
Any voters?


oh yes, that would be awesome. I fully expect that we’ll have that - or something very similar - one day.
Look at how fast Glide is evolving and changing. It’s barely recognisable as the same platform that it was a year ago. Glide are a small team, but they move really fast. And I suspect we’ll see them moving even faster now that they’ve moved to codespaces for development. We just need to be patient, good things will keep coming :slight_smile:

That would be awesome!
I am a big fan of Glide team :slight_smile:
It started as a small side project but now I based my whole business on their platform so I have all the reasons to trust and support them !