2 Apps, 1 Google Sheet - > sharing comments possible?

Apologies if this has been asked already. but i was wondering if it was possible to have see comments in two apps that share the same google sheet?

Like a rudamentory chat? my thinking behind is the chat (comments in this case) are not global and are restricted to a particular topic. In my case the client / contractor relationship.

Where a client makes a job request and comments can be passed back and forth relating to this job with contractors. this was other clients wont see this comments and vice versa.

Hope this makes sense. Any questions, let me know?

This answer is wrong - but I’m leaving it as it was posted.
Yes, you can do it. Take a look at this app I have. (I duplicated it, and pretty much broke it in attempt to sterilize it, but left the functionality you are asking about intact.)


Under at the contractors. I have comments that can only be seen by a supervisor, the contractor, and whoever entered the comment.


Feel free to make a copy and look under the hood. Like I said, most of the app is broken, but this particular functionality works, and I think it’s on point to your question.

PS - the difference between the comments on the home page and under the contractor profile is the one on the home page are meant for everyone to see - like a broadcast to all users.

Good luck.

Since you mentioned 2 apps, I also want to clarify that chat and comments will not be shared between apps. They are internal components that only work within their own app.
You would have to create your own version of chat using a form button and a list. That way the form response sheet can be shared between apps.

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Now that I think about it more, I agree with Jeff.

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Thanks @Tim_Sullivan and @Jeff_Hager for taking the time.

Not sure, how to go about creating my own version of chat in the app and it’s not mission critical so I’ll leave it for now. When I do get round to it, I would appreciate your input on my progress.

Hope all is well, stay safe!