Chats Between Original App and Duplicate App

When I duplicate an app and both apps are sharing the same sheet, chats from both apps appear on the sheet. Perfect. My question is: Can those on the main app and those on the duplicate app chat with each other?

I need the employer app (the main app) and the employee app (the duplicate app) to be able to chat with each other. Currently, those on the main app can chat with each other and those on the duplicated app can chat with each other, but the two apps aren’t chatting with each other.

How do I fix this?

No, you cannot link the chat or comment components between apps. You can see the chat in the sheet, but that is just a log and in no way linked back to the app. Chat and Comments are handled internally by glide for each individual app. The only solution I can think of is to build your own chat using a form button and writing the comments to a sheet. Then using an inline list to view the comments. It’s not a great solution, but the only one I can think of without rolling both apps into one.

OK, thanks so much for your response. I appreciate the feedback. Now I can stop thinking how to make this happen.