1st Created Mini Web Browser and Search Engine using Glideapps

Hello, this is TAISEN AHN Company based in the Philippines,

We are for the first time, releasing the Beta Version of our 2in-1 app, Quantum (Search Engine & Mini Web Browser).

Beta Version 1.1.5

Offering the features of:

  1. Built-in Search Engine: QUANTUM Search
  2. Built-in Mini Web Browser: QUANTUM Browser
  3. Ads Blocker
  4. Pop-up Ads and Surveys Blocker
  5. Search Categories: All, Dictionary, Images, News stand, Videos and Quantum Ads
  6. QPrivateMode for Private Browsing
  7. Quantum Labs for fuser features testing
  8. Category Customization
  9. App personalization and customization
  10. All-in one settings
  11. Device Syncing
  12. Suggested Skin Customization

Future Features that are still on development

  1. No-fly Zone: This feature will help you to stay focused by eliminating some tabs while
    you browse, for faster load time in the app.
  2. New Tabs Feature: Workspaces (Now on Quantum Labs for user testing)
  3. App Language customization (As of now, Filipino is the default language, we are still
    developing this feature for Global Use)
  4. Browser Mode
  5. Added available Skins to add more choices in the design you want

For more Inquiries, email us at: tbroadcasting.ofci@gmail.com
To check out the app: QUANTUM
We will be releasing the template of this app by July, 2022

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