Hunted - The best of Product Hunt

Hi there, I’d like to share with you the very first application I made with Glide.
It is called Hunted and is dedicated to product lovers. Please share your feedback!

Hunted gives you access to the best of Product Hunt over time

:star: Weekly updates with the 20 most upvoted products from previous week

:date: Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly rankings available from the creation of Product Hunt (Nov 2013)

:label: All those great products are also discoverable by topic

With a detailed description for each product with metrics and links

Why Hunted?

I wanted an easy way to browse the best products ever published on Product Hunt. But I didn’t find any way to do it on their website so I decided to build the app my self using the official Product Hunt API and Glide.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Great job! This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

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I love it!! I’m already installing it in phone :yum:

One question: are you using scripts/APIs to do it, or manually adding the infos in GSheets?

@gregcha:clap: very useful. Love a new product to play with. Will be using this app, saved to Home Screen

Bravo! What a great resource to share. Thank you

Thank you all :raised_hands:
@Lucas_Pires yes I’m using an automated trigger from google script to run the API call every week so I have nothing to do


Excellent :clap:

Great work

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Very nicely done.

Did you grab all the info via the api - or did you have to fill in text as well. The topics list for example has a lot of text.

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Hi, an avid Product Hunt visitor here! Thanks a lot for making this!

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Brilliant. Straight to my phone’s home screen.

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Very nice!!

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Yes everything was collected through Product Hunt API, except the Illustrations I use for years, months and weeks that come from Unsplash. Glad you guys like it!


Great APP, very nice and smart!

It’s so smart that (I think) look for any info with your APP is easier than try doing it on Product Hunt’s web site itself :slight_smile:

Congratulations @gregcha

Feliz día!