Launched my app on Product Hunt

Hi everyone,
I’ve just launched my design conference app on Product Hunt.
Have a look here

Try the app:

How the app works:

:mag: Curated
Neon Moiré is a curated calendar of the best design-driven conferences and events on our digitalized world. We don’t list all conferences, rater its a nice mix of popular and niche events. Next to the core calendar, we interview organizers and speakers about their conference journey.

:control_knobs: Filters
You can filter the conferences on continent, country, month, discipline and create your filter by favorite events. Next to the filters, all events have a detail page. On this page, you find the date, a short description, ticket price, link to the official website, and buy directly your ticket.

:world_map: Map
All events are plotted on a map, by city for now. So you can discover events differently.

For more info see
I’d be happy to answer any questions!


Great job!

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One question in mind : why didn’t you go with the Pro plan for this launch?

@Thomas_Dahm Damn, it looks cool. Fantastic job, Thomas.

Kind of lucky that 12 is the limit for horizontal title list. Precisely for the months. I really like that list👍

Lots of inspiration for me


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Nice one, why not change the yes//no to options

Good point.
But I don’t like the styling of this component. It’s inconsistent with the other components.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 20.40.13|690x486, 50%

Good question. I forgot. But for me its not a problem. This variation of the content that we have is on so many levels a test/learning case and I’am more then happy to share the tools I use.

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Good call and I like your attention to detail

It’s beautiful! Very well made.

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