Stackmaker - Product Hunt Launch

Hello everyone,

I’ve been busy building a lot of no-code apps this month. Yesterday I decided to stop my desire to do “just one more thing” and launched my first product on Product Hunt, a no-code project made with Glide.

Stackmaker is a curated list of tools and resources to help you build your next no-code startup. I created everything without investing a dime: a landing page using Launchaco, the app using Glide and the email marketing system using Mailchimp.

Hope you like it!


Fantastic! I love the tile design.

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Yeah, very good and useful I gave you an upvote when I saw your twit! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Thanks @Mark, I loved when you launched the horizontal tiles! I posted a feature request to have the option to disable the gradient when using overlay text, especially when we are working with color fills or gradients as image backgrounds, this will be awesome for design flexibility.

Thanks @Christophe_HK, glad you liked! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

@ionamol would you be willing to share your google sheet?

Hi @C_Arthur_West_IV at this moment I don’t want to share the Google Sheet for this particular project but I will be more than happy to help you with any question about the spreadsheet, layout or anything else. Hope you understand!

I totally get it… I am going to try and mirror some of your app-flow and if I have any questions, I will be sure to ask! How did you do the top image on the home screen? This is pretty nifty and looks great …

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This app is fantastic!
Are the tutorials that glide offers enough to develop an app like yours?
I see that there are animations and gradients that make your app look very good

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The “hero” image is just a image component. edge to edge and 1:1 size. I created on Figma or Sketch (don’t remember) and the file formate is png to use the transparency I needed for this image.

Thanks, @David_Mosquera! I think so, this wasn’t my first Glide App but was the first one that I released. Before Glide I knew almost nothing about Google Sheets (or any spreadsheet), just the basic formulas. My process is very simple:

  1. I start defining which data I need, how I should structure that and how I can automate the data upload/update

  2. I add data to my spreadsheet and create the others sheets for the app pages. Usually I use one or more “central databases” (the main sheet(s) with the raw data) and all the pages have dynamic content from these databases.

  3. I design the page layouts that I need and also do some tweaks on data to improve the UI (eg: sometimes I like to show the date and hour in the same line so I create a new column to show in this format: “Date ・ Time” / “Sep. 4 ・ 11pm”

  4. Every time that I don’t know how to do something, if it is something about Glide I go to the documentations/tutorials, if it is something about google sheets I just start searching on Google and this Forum, if I can’t find the answer (99% of the time you will be able to find it, just have some patience) then I post my question here and I will probably receive some help.

Hope it helps! Let me know if you need any specific help!

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Sounds good, thank you!

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Wow, you gave me a little tutorial that’s gonna help me in my next app :sweat_smile: Thanks for answering!

What’s still not clear to me is how you added color to the collections part of your app. Is that done in Glide too?

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Glad it helped you!

The gradients color scheme for collections are just images that I created on Sketch. I also used Sketch to select the “middle” color from each gradient and applied the HEX color on the category badge at each product page.


Collection: Productivity (Orange), Category: Tool

Collection: Design (Purple), Category: Tool

Wow! This is awesome. I love it

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Thanks @WebMaye!!

I’m planning some changes for this product that (I think) it will make it better. Right now I’m showing the “Hunter” and/or “Maker” for each product but this is consuming almost 300 rows and I’m limited to 500 (until some company sponsor my pro account or I receive $100 from “Buy me a coffee” :joy:).

I will remove this information to keep adding new tools constantly, the next step will probably be creating my own tutorials for the “Learning” collection.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

I will sponsor your pro account if you are willing to share your sheet so that I can see how this was made…

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Adding new features is actually great too!

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Ohhh, this is very interesting and is simpler than I thought. I will implement it in my projects. Thank you! @ionamol

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Hey @C_Arthur_West_IV, I would love to share the app/spreadsheet with you (exclusively) if you are willing to sponsor the pro account for 1 year ($230).

The exchange rate between USD and BRL is terrible (4 BRL = 1 USD), this is the reason why I want a “sponsorship” or something like that!

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