Help to start a stock project

It’s my first time using a no-code tools so I’m quite confused.
My project is to manage stock in my company.
Users will be provided with a tablet. With this tablet, they can either take a picture of a QR-Code or enter a product reference. When this action has been performed, it connects us to an Excel table (without showing it to us) and it colors the part reference in red. When this action has been performed in the background, it displays a message for example: “Action completed”.

Is this project feasible with a tool like glide?

I don’t know where to start and what kind of template to use.
Thank you in advance.

start from drawing a plan… figure out data you need to collect, data to be calculated, data to display, then start building a sheet… and start adding components… keep testing results… search for solutions to problems… ones it start working good… start over again from scratch… and you will have a good App.