1,000 updates in one month

I have a question.
I’m a gride beginner.
I had created a simple app that users can log in with email.

I used only gride table as a data source.
I have known that there is a limit for 1,000 updates in one month in Usage.

“Sync” does not increase as long as using gride table as a source, is this true?
Also, when is “Edits” counted?

If users log in with email and use my app so much, is there a possibility of consuming edits and exceed the limit?
My app is so simple, and there is no function for users to edit form, send a message or so.

Thank you very much.

Yes, that’s correct.

I would assume that every new user would count as one update when they log in for the first time - because a new row is added at that time. As a general rule, anything that changes data (add/edit/delete) in your App is counted as an update.

So, if you had more than 1000 new users sign up to your App in one month, then you will probably exceed your quota. But if your App is that popular, then at that point it’s probably worth paying a few dollars for it, no? :thinking:

I’d recommend reading the below, it explains a lot about how edits/updates are counted. If any of it isn’t clear, you can ask and we’ll try to explain.


I understand very well.
I’m trying to read the link.

Thank you so much.

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