10,000 updates for this month

Hi, I almost reach the limit 10,000 updates for this month,
What actually means by updates?
and how can i know my period cycle? so i can know when it will refresh my new quota.

Your quotas are tied to your billing cycle, so will reset at the end of each billing cycle.

but how can i know i was edited 3,677 times in a month is a quite weird?

Do you have custom forms? Custom filters? Every time data changes in the database, that’s an edit.

what about sync?
4,435 times syncing in a month also looks weird right?

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Do you have extra data sync mode enabled in any projects?

ok after i checked all projects, all sync mode was “Normal”. What else counted in sync? other than edit add remove

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pretty much everything :wink: that’s why I created my own unlimited system.

what does it mean ? unlimited system ?

I can’t discuss it here, but if you follow many of my posts… you can get the idea.

Is your data in Google Sheets and if yes, do you have any scripts in there?

Yes got , i am using Google Sheets, got scripts, but triggered time-based, one time per day.

That’s weird to me. Have you contacted support?

not yet ,