Zero-state/First time user in-app tutorial

Would love to see a first time user walk-through/tutorial experience so that folks playing with an app for the first time know how to engage with its functionality.

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Not sure if it’s related to this, but new templates are now required to have a walk-through video.

Check out NocodeMBA, Seth is providing some great videos and walk-throughs.
Also, @Robert_Petitto adds a lot of great tutorials here on the forum in video-format.

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Do you mean “guided flows” presented immediately after the onboarding/sign up that highlight the basic features & functions of an app to the user?

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Bingo! “Click here to do X” and “You can find your profile info here ->”

Thanks, but I’m referring to 1st time user interactions.
i.e. “I’m a user and I just logged in for the first time. Show me where to find info and how to use this app”

Nahh, I mean for end users of an actual app. Things like “show me how to add a photo” or “show me how to leave a comment”

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Oh, a tutorial inside an app.
I’ve made those for some customers.
Instructions are added, and when the users follows through, they can hide the instructions component and they don’t appear anymore.

However, you need to create those tutorial for each app, so it depends on the app maker to add those :wink:

Cool. I’d love something robust with in-app overlays and callouts. Arrows pointing to features with overlaid text, and the sort. You could tie “callout UI elements” to clickable objects within the app. When a user clicks that object, that callout UI disappears and a new one appears. This would be especially useful in apps tailored towards user-generated content where a first-time user sees a mostly blank screen until they start populating things.

As features and functionality of Glide apps increase, so will the complexity of the apps we build. Intuitive UX is always the goal, but sometimes a nudge is needed. Plus, if you can get a user to engage early with fun, guided tutorials, they’re more likely to recognize value and an app is more likely to stick.

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Any update on this? I’m wanting the same thing.

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