New submissions rules for the templates store

Just received an email saying that my template was not approved cause template submissions must now include a video demonstrating their use.
It’s probably a good way to help users of course but I checked the template store guideline and there is nothing about adding a video and what kind of video.

Is the video has to explain how the app is working to final users or to makers? It’s not exactly the same I believe. Moreover is there some rules we have to follow to create this video? Duration, language/no sound…

Is anybody can enlighted me?


I’ve been keeping mine right around 2 minutes. I’ve just been crafting a video walkthrough of the app…nothing too specific on how to manipulate the app, just a promo of the apps functionality.

Here are some that I’ve done recently:


Tks Robert, nice videos indeed! ok then it’s more for final user. Cristal clear!

Ummm… this is a bummer.

I am not the most comfortable person when it comes to video!

I guess I need to master this skill too now!

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Here’s a REALLY rough demo on how I create mine:


So now you’re a video editing ninja too!

Thank you for sharing this, @Robert_Petitto.

I have used Quicktime on my Mac to record videos earlier. It doesn’t have the advanced functionalities to crop and frame, etc. but it’s a decent start I believe. Will check this tool too.

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Ha…ya…I’ve been doing screencasts with Screenflow for almost a decade now. I can knock out a 2-minute promo in about 30minutes (including upload time). For instance, I began one at 10:02 EST today and had it uploaded by 10:40EST or so:


This is sooooo well done, Robert!

One quick question: do you prepare a script beforehand?

If you happen to work on Windows and want to show what happens on the phone then Apple TV/chrome cast and the program Reflector 3 is great. It actually works quite well

I have gone all in with camtasia for video recording. Not cheap at all :slightly_frowning_face:
But I hope I benefit for it - also work wise :sunglasses:


WOW! I was wondering about the great quality of your videos and the speed at which you create those. This is super helpful. Thanks!!

I don’t…I probably should. If I mess up, I just repeat myself and crop out the bad versions.

This simple thing is what I have been missing out on.
Your other tip of taking breaks is genius too.

Sometimes when I’m the middle of saying something and I need to stop and repeat, I’ll often snap or clap by the mic, pause and then continue. When I go back to edit my video, I can look for the spikes in the wave visualization in the audio track to know when errors occured.


Keep’em coming, Robert!
Another genius tip.

I should’ve spent some more time with my camera shooting and editing videos for fun.

@Robert_Petitto do you speak Spanish?? :rofl:

I need someone like you to some promos!!


I can speak it (I used to teach HS Spanish), but it wouldn’t sound like a native speaker. If you Gave me a script, then I might be able to.


@Robert_Petitto did you study danish as well. I might have a video for you to speak🤪

And French? :grinning:

Oh my goodness. :rofl: Unfortunately, no. Just Spanish. You do NOT want me reading in French…

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I am sure you can Robert :grinning: