YouTube Playlist Link Not Working in Link Component

Just set up a column in Sheets where I’m simply pasting in various YouTube playlist links. In the Glide editor, I set up a simple Link component to display these. For some reason, it’s not displaying.

Here’s my Support Link:

Thanks for the help!

That’s odd. Could you send me a screenshot?

It’s working for me;
Image 2020-12-28 at 4.16.09 PM.png

Those videos you see there are individual YouTube video links in a column called Video Link. I have another column right next to it titled YouTube Playlists. I pasted a link to a playlist on YouTube, but it won’t show up with the Link component for some reason.

Is Glide able to process YouTube playlist links like this one?

Trying to reload my app in Glide editor, but keep getting this message.

Tried reloading page in Chrome but getting this error from Glide.