YouTube Channels for Kids (curated by Philipp - the app designer)

Hi! I have been teaching my sons (Patrick 16 and Philipp 14) how to make Glide apps (and other things technical). As an incentive, the youngest will earn $100 this weekend if he learns Glide and builds at least one app… so no pressure (he wants some Air Pods).

So… this is his app so far. He and his brother have curated YT channels with great videos for kids. And the app has a list of channels and collects the latest videos (either as a list or a fun swipe with noises).

He spent about 2 hours learning Glide and GSheets to start with. I gave him a Google doc of YT links and we discussed how to structure the data. Then it was into app building. He would spend 30 - 45 mins making parts of the app, then we would discuss - and gradually get into more complex components.

What do folk think? And any ideas for him to make improvements?

Thanks! and I hope this might inspire some of you to help more kids get into this type of development world :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s the kind of ecosystem that makes glide so unique. Top !

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Adding to their technical skills you could have them gain experience in (1) gathering user requirements, (2) user feedback (3) redesign by having them make an app for a relatives/friends business.


User feedback: great, but wouldn it be nice to let every link to a channel / series start with one embedded video to get an idea of the channel / series?


Great feedback! He worked out how to data scrape the latest videos for each channel, find the HQ thumbnail, then merge each RSS feed using the QUERY function (including using RANDARRAY to mix them about). I’ll add these suggestions to his list :slight_smile: then get him to make a walk-through video :slight_smile:



He did not know I’d been trying to figure out that for a year!

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