Ideas for Youtube & online Learning to motivate more "non-dev" to come to Glide & engage

Hi all, and especially Education Team @PabloMFalero @JackVaughan
Some ideas that come up to my mind these days:

How about Storytelling in a new series of Youtube and online help?

  • Each focused on 1 specific activity/job, persona… :
    make a market search in this Community
    as well as what’s most wanted in the Template Bar (euh I mean Template Store :smile:, but after all, why not :beers::beer::tropical_drink::cocktail::maté::wine_glass::tumbler_glass::ice_cube:) to spot the most potentially interesting fields and target people.

  • Each with episodes and seasons to follow and engage:

  • you never know how the plot could end up with new fresh updates spotlighting a brand new feature that saves the day!

  • and Cliffhangers, if you can.

  • Short but thorough

  • It will speak more to non-tech = hence aligned with your Mission

  • It will be easier for them to identify to their own needs and activities

  • With a jingle easy to identify and associate with Glide (well, like series)

  • With a pitch (again like series)

  • Use the Pixar 20 items of a good script (u don’t need to write a Toy Story, just some Glide Stories)

  • Where each wannabe Glider can be the “hero”. With a challenge to overcome, and a Glide to make it happen.

With so many people Gliding beside their job, family-life, etc. I believe we can all relate to stories.

Voilà :cherry_blossom:.
Just in case you would like this idea or anything that inspires you around it.

To be continued. Or not.


Thanks for sharing the idea, I wonder if Glide ever has their own “mascot” to use in storytelling things like this.


A Mascot! Exactly! :purple_heart::teddy_bear:(:uk:Paddington Huge Fan :honey_pot:)

When I used to work for Lotus Development, my default initial admin/instructor username was Doctor Notes. So human!
Why not a Doctor Glide, Master Glide, etc (the SW Yoda way) or just a cool Firstname easy to say even by foreigners.

It’s a lot of creativity work, but I believe it’s worth it if you wish to bond and share a Story with your Gliders & their stakeholders.
Enjoyable stories of course.
The ones you want to remember.
That even your own children can understand and tell to their friends and family…

And, cherry on the iced cake: Nobody has done that among “competitors” or Figma, XD, etc.
Nobody tells stories to facilitate learning.
For now.

Glide is so easy that even my/your… can do it.

I think you definitely have an issue here, for example, the forum is really good, but at the same time pretty intimidating if you look at it from a beginners / non-techie perspective.


I think that help pages and courses can target 2-3 levels of users.
Like any software for
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
It’s a lot of work.
To keep pace with Advanced features. And not frustrate the existing Expert Community, for ex.

While opening doors to & inviting non-tech, yet no less accurate aspiring Gliders.

And that could bring fresh air to new ways to develop softwares.
By sharing a common Story.

Yeah a lot of work it is :wink: