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Hey, Gliders :wave:

We’re going to be producing many more customer stories soon. We want to make sure the world knows about the stories behind Glide’s amazing customers.

We want to improve them, so please give us your feedback; either here or by email/loom to

Example Article: Technip FMC
Example Video: PGA

a) What do you like/dislike in each of these?
b) Would you like to read/watch more stories? Any preference between reading or watching?
c) Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to see in these customer stories or types of customers featured?


Speaking based on my experience in marketing (10 years of B2B marketing for SaaS companies in Berlin) rather than as a Glide developer:

a) I really like both, wonderful content.

b) How about repurposing your content and creating various formats with the same content: text, video, audio, infographic (perhaps not as in vogue than in the past), carousel for LinkedIn, short form (vids, posts), long form (vids, article). Your audience is probably across the spectrum in terms of the type of content they enjoy consuming. One thing to keep in mind: many teams put a ton of effort into creating content and the effort/energy dies down after that, but really the distribution of the content is just getting started at that point and the team needs to put a ton of effort there too.

c) -


Super excited about the Technip FMC customer story because I was initially the guy who introduced them to Glide through one of their employees named Gregg Johnson. I showed him some of the apps I had created in Glide, and then he realized how beneficial it could be for their company and their customers. Once I helped him create the app, gave him my template for Glide photos so that he could insert his own, they took it from there. I think @Robert_Petitto even helped them later on with it. You should have seen how they were making their customers order equipment from them. It was basically pages of small print in a PDF file.


I didn’t know this @spencerb. That’s awesome. Thank you!

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