🎥 Glide Customer Video: PGA

Just wanted to share an awesome Glide customer story, featured on our new Customers page:


oh man, that almost bought a tear to my eye… Golf meets Glide… that’s my definition of heaven :joy:


That’s how I think nowadays too!!! “Can’t we just build this in Glide?” Absolutely wonderful.


Absolute killer. Great job!

Thanks for sharing this real life inspirational story about how glide is solving business problems.

You’ve highlighted some real benefits here that help both the environment and the business.

  1. Reducing paper waste, which is good for the environment.

  2. Enhancement to the customer experience ( who wants to stand around while someone fills out a paper form!)

  3. Empowering the staff to build a working solution to a problem.

  4. Enabling the business to analyse data from the app and make informed business decisions as a result.

I encourage you to check out the video. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to create an app for your next event, too.


Excuse my French – I am French :wink: – but holy crap that was cool.

“Can’t we just build this in Glide?” is a great line.


Wow! Congrats Glide! Incredible video and story. Blown away!!

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Hey, that’s great, we need so more inspiring videos like that :wink:

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This definitely needs to reach a wider audience. I’m reaching out to Jack to give this Vietnamese subtitles to post to my Facebook & LinkedIn. Inspirational!


This is a HUGE win! Congrats Glide Team!

Everything mentioned in the video is SO true - you can go from concept, to mvp, to fully-functioning product, in hours with Glide, never mind days!

Great use case of the Barcode Scanner too!
20K+ scans, real-time stats and the ability to feed it into their BI process post-event? …:sunglasses:

Super cool and definitely inspiring!
Unicorns out; Albatross’s in! :golf:


This video really captures how I look at Glide. I love how it focuses on the “why” of Glide and not the “how”. For those who might not know exactly what Glide is to them, it tells exactly the story that they need to hear. Great job to everyone who was involved!

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Great testimony! Should probably be a new tagline :blush:


great job guys!