🤩 **Real Story** It’s the simple things that make a difference with glide

Such a simple and easy thing…which has made a huge difference to this business.

A business owner has a large list of clients.

Each client gets a personal call from the boss to welcome them and ‘do business’

With such a large list of clients and hundreds of other priorities it was becoming difficult to keep track who or who hasn’t been called.

The solution, yep you guessed it a glide’ app

Before it was a lengthy and manual process to find the clients, call them, log the details, follow up etc etc

Now all the client details are in one place. The data is pulled in automatically from their website into glide.

The boss then calls the customer directly from glide (using a new floating button) and the call date and time are recorded on the app.

Compound action - call number - set row (current date and time)

So simple but so powerful. This has transformed a business.

Thanks glide for making this possible.

A reminder to the boss to call the client An if then else column :arrow_down:

The details of when the call was made :arrow_down:


This is really cool!

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@Rosewebstudio I’m curious as to how you guys go about finding clients? I have a non compete so I cannot add additional clients currently but I do see that you as well as @Robert_Petitto do use Glide as a source of income and I’m just curious as to what the steps are that you take to go about this. I have a website and I used to pretty much go door to door for retail and restaurants. Do you do the same or do you put yourself on Fiverr…what do you feel works the best?

My kiosk does that for appointments


I basically follow your steps @Drearystate, door to door in some cases, and mass emails! :slight_smile:


I probably should advertise myself more—I really don’t (since it’s my side gig)—I simply rely on word of mouth and my listing as a Glide expert on Glide’s website.


@Drearystate I find networking in my local area quite effective - also join some Facebook groups and build up trust with people, don’t go for the hard sell, that’s doesn’t work.

Word of mouth and referrals comes with time, so someone sees an app you have built and they want one too.

Alternatively build apps that many businesses can use and charge them a fee to use it so you get reoccurring income.

I don’t use Fiverr, everyone wants something for nothing.

Remember “ Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good”

Keep going, clients will come if you persist, don’t give up :wink:


Yeah, as soon as I finished the kiosk they made sure my non compete had it in it. I will still make a similar one for the glide community but I am not legally aloud to make money from it :frowning: