Huge round of applause to our Certified Expert - Darren Alderman for reaching the 10K subscriber mark on YouTube

Hi Gliders,

I have been using Glideapps for over a year now and it took me around 6 months to call myself a professional at it. Few days ago I came across this amazing channel of @darren YouTube channel and man trust me I am blown away after looking at his tutorials.

I regret not watching his videos a little earlier. To all the newbies, Please follow this amazing channel and help him reach 10k subscribers milestone.

This is a small token of appreciation for our fellow glider just to acknowledge his efforts in creating these helpful tutorials for us for free.

Whosoever becomes the 10000th subscriber, gets a 50% discount from me for their app services :smiley:. You have to prove you were the 10000th subscriber.

Other helpful channels with detailed tutorials:
Robert Petito
Jesus Vargas

Trust me if you follow these tutorials, your concepts will get crystal clear.


@Hassan_Nadeem You are too kind!!! :heart_eyes:

Honored to teach alongside Robert, Grumo, Jesus, and Jack!


#10,000 is up for grabs!!! Comment when you take it :joy:


I have been constantly looking at your channel. Really excited for the 10k mark.


Woohoo! Nice one, @Hassan_Nadeem @darren



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I just suscribed. 10k?

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I just saw the screenshot. Congrats! :tada::trophy:

@nathanaelb I don’t know whether to be thrilled or offended that you JUST subscribed. :joy:



I know right, I was surprised myself! Social media notifications can be annoying, but for you they are worth it :slight_smile:

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Hello, this seems incredible to me, I want to do it in Spanish since I am from Latin America, any advice?

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good job… keep it on, and advance

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Awesome!!! Don’t overthink getting started.

  1. Sign up for Loom.
  2. Shoot your first tutorial.
  3. Share it here.

@JackVaughan I can’t find the link, but could you share your “creator resource center/advice” link. I know you put something together a few months back.



Congrats and watching you ask the question/conversation “What animal can’t jump” was great.

Keep it up!

oh, yeah… and I remember thinking that’s gotta be BS that an elephant is the only animal that can’t jump.

And it seems that it is - Google tells me that there are at least 24 others.

@darren you need to get a better random fact generator :stuck_out_tongue:

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HAHA :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

While you are be correct, the purpose of the app was to aide in starting a conversation, so perhaps incorrect facts are a good way to do that. Since this has sprung a conversation between us, I think the task has been successfully accomplished… :microphone: :palm_down_hand: :arrow_down: :laughing:

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Darren: I read that only one animal can’t jump - the elephant; do you know of any others?

Other Darren: (Briefly consults google) - here are two dozen more; crack a book!

Yep - works in all scenarios!

Also, congrats to both Darrens for driving success with Glide.