Wrong tab loading on Sign-in

This will be fixed later this week. Sorry for the delay.


This used to be fixed, but the bug seems to have returned.

With tab visibility in use, my app is opening on the wrong “first” tab when a user opens the app. It seems to open on the farthest right tab all the time.

Link: https://go.glideapps.com/app/1DYsTQ8K94IGYFUHhWcs


@Mark are you aware of this issue? If so, do you know if/when it could be fixed?

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Also, I’ve found that if you’re in a tab that’s located in the side menu and a condition causes that tab to become NOT visible (“invisible”?), then it still allows you to stay on the tab until you’ve left the tab.

This behavior is unexpected and non-ideal. The expected behavior is that it kicks you to the first visible tab. This expected behavior is present when the tab that becomes invisible is located in the bottom menu, but again, for tabs that are in the side menu, it doesn’t kick you to the first visible tab—you simply stay on the invisible tab until you intentionally leave the tab.


I’ve seen that too, as well as a related (I think) bug in the Editor… If I open an app in the editor and there is tab visibility on the first tab, the app view is correct, but the list of components on the right side menu of the editor are for another tab. I have to click a form button on the app screen, then click the back/cancel button to refresh the list of components in the editor so that they match what is shown in the app preview pane.

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Are you talking about it just flashing (sometimes for what feels like looong seconds)? What conditions are on that tab? I was able to fix this by changing the tab conditions…not ideal but it has solved it for now…

No it’s like the editor opens the components of a different tab and it needs to be refreshed to sync up with which tab is actually displayed in the app preview area.

I think it’s opening the components of the first tab, whether it’s visible at the time or not.

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yuck. okay, hope it gets fixed soon.

Yes this happens and if you make changes there, you will end up changing a tab that you don’t actually see. It’s a bug in the editor.

In order to avoid it right now, you would want to navigate around inside the app so that the editor’s settings change and are on the correct tab.

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Yes, this one has bugged me for a while. Hope they fix it soon.

what is the tab visibility of your first tab (furthest on the left)?

I contacted support about this over the weekend and they are aware. @George_B

It’s based on a column in the user profile sheet.

i had the same problem, my first tab visibility was based on (user profile data, email not empty) in the user profile sheet.

since my app is public, I added another tab to the far left with visibility if (user profile data, email is empty)

so its either this or that, and one of the 2 tabs loaded first, hence far-right tab loading first or first tab with no vis conditions loading first went away.

I need conditions on all of my tabs — they’re all tied into an onboarding process and some fields need to be entered before the other tabs can be made available to the users. Really hoping this gets fixed!

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I am having this problem :cry:
@Mark is this considered fixed or is a fix still pending?

My scenario:
I have a handful of tabs and visibility works for each correctly in terms of the user can see them all, but the tab the user lands on is not the furthest left tab in the app (highest tab in the editor tab list).

It seems it is linked to how many Visibility conditions I have on each tab, below is listed the 3 tabs in order of left to right in the app (top to bottom in the editor tab list). All visibility conditions for these tabs are met so all 3 of them show:

  • Announcement tab: 4 visibility conditions (the first 3 are the same as Registration and the final condition is to check if there is any Announcement).
  • Registration tab: 3 visibility conditions
  • FAQ tab (in the side menu): 2 visibility conditions

The details of the visibility of these tabs:
Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 17.55.05

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 17.55.15

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 17.55.24

I want the user to land on the Announcements tab but the user always goes to the Registration tab.

In order to try to understand how Glide was deciding which tab to land on I did the following:

If I make the Announcement’s visibility conditions the same as Registration then the FAQ tab is what the user lands on.

If I then make the FAQ tab visibility the same as Announcement and Registration then Announcements tab is what the user lands on. This is what I want but I cannot put the same conditions in Registration and FAQ tabs because these 2 tabs should appear even if there is no announcements!

My guess is that it seems like the Announcement tab conditions take longer to be evaluated (due to the 4th one being a check on a Glide relationship maybe?) and that Glide has some fixed length of time within which it decides which tab to land on. So in my scenario it ends up thinking the Registration tab is the furthest left tab that all visibility conditions are true for since all the visibility conditions for Announcement tab have not managed to be evaluated in time.

Would really love to hear from @Mark about the actual logic that is in place so can at least try to work with it. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: