Wrong "set column values" action assignment in row fields

I am making an app with a button, a sound recorder, a sound player and a glide table. click the button adds a row in the table, sets column values (current date time), enables sound record, and sends a notification. The sound can be recorded, saved and its URL storage address is assigned to a temporary column. Sound recorder is disabled and sound player is enabled with URL storage address. When button is clicked again, sets column values (current date time), URL storage address is assigned to permanent column, temporary column is cleaned, and button is enabled to start again all this actions. First time it works perfectly. Second time, second row is added, and column settings are ok. After recording sound, its URL rewrites first row!!! And second row fields stay cleaned!! And app starts to malfunction because of bad assignment!! I am tired to search errors with no success. I don’t know how to fix it. I think I’ve tried everithing!!! Help me please.

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@softfarr hey, this happened to me a few weeks ago as well. While creating a log, the glide table wrote the column perfectly. Then some time later the column values magically shifted.

I am in the midst of getting to the bottom of this with glide support. My ticket is still running. The engineers will have to use replay to analyze the problem.

Unfortunately, this issue messes with the app’s critical infrastructure, so for immediate resolution you can do this:

Build a replica glide table and ensure that the logs and actions now read and write to that table. Once you do this, export your old data to this replica table.

My guess is that it is a one off bug that may have happened to a few projects when Glide was deploying updates for the past 8-10 days.


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Sounds like there’s something wrong with your setup. I would suggest using a custom form flow to do this, which is somewhat like what you have a bit different.

First up, I’m not sure why you need to send a notification (or is it just a pop up and not a push notification)?

I imagine the custom form would be built on top of a table with a single row, which contains a single column to store your sound record URL.

In your custom form, show a button to record and point it to the column above.

When the URL is not empty, show a sound player pointing to the same column. Still show the button to record in case the user wants to record again, and give them the option to clear.

Also, only when the record URL is not empty, show a button to submit it to the destination table. This would include a current date/time column, and your record URL, maybe the signed-in user’s ID/email as well.