Writing to Glide Table API Error - User not an owner

I get an error when trying to write to a glide table using API

Status 403
User is not an owner or app editor

any idea how to fix this?

This usually occurs when the Authorization token you’re using (which is associated to a Glide developer in your team) no longer has access to the team folder. Try replacing the Authorization token with a new one perhaps?

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Hey there I am having the same issue, how do do I replace the Authorization Token the table always gives me the same Bearer Token. Is there a way to re-issue one? Any links you can share?

@nocodeandy Can you help with this? Thank you.

@ThinhDinh - Tag me on these. :wink:

@michael_perkins - Thanks for the bump on this. Let me check with the team.

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Hi gliders!
I have the same issue! “User is not an owner or app editor”.
I moved an App from my team to the Customer team. But all the API script is the same as it was before.

@NoCodeAndy Andy,
how to resolve this, please?

Have you checked the Bearer Token?
If the App has been moved to another team, then most likely a different token will be needed to access it via the new team.

Hi @Darren_Murphy!
Yes, i’ve checked it, and the Bearer is the same.
Everything is the same)

If this is the case, I think it’s a bug. I have always had to change the bearer token once I move apps to different teams. I would suggest clearing the cache to see if it solves anything.

Sorry gentlemens! My fault, I compared token between 2 members of the same team, instead of between 2 teams.

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Hi there. Did you manage to solve the problem ? I also have that message, and I don’t know which Bearer code I’m supposed to specify in Make (where can I see the Bearer code ? Is it supposed to be the one of Glide ? Make ? Stripe ?).

Go to the Glide Data Editor, right click on the table name in the left hand panel, and select “Show API”. You will find the bearer token there.

It only shows the following message : “Upgrade to add, edit, delete, or get data with the Glide API.”
How am In supposed to upgrade ? :-/

Which Team Plan are you on?
Sounds like you have a plan that doesn’t include the API.

Just to be clear, are you trying to use the API, or are you trying to use either of the Make/Zapier intergrations?

I have a maker plan.
I am trying to copy the API KEY of one data table into a Make scenario, in order to allow an HTTP request to function in Make.
I am not a developper, so I will not touch the code. I just need to know the Key :slight_smile:

Thanks !

The Maker plan does not give you access to the Glide API.

But you can use the Make integration. See below:

Unfortunately, I really need that API KEY of my Data because my app is already fully built (by a developper who recently transferred the control of the app to me).
So I don’t want to redo what he did. The connection already exists as such : Glide => Make => Stripe => Glide
Could you exceptionnally give me access to that information ?
All was functionning until the control of the app was transfered to me.

For more clarity, here is a video of the situation :

Library | Loom - 6 May 2024 - Watch Video

Thanks again

If you enable the Make Integration, you can replace that HTTP module in your Make scenario with a Glide module, and you should be able to get it to work.

If the App was built for you by somebody else, perhaps you can approach them and ask them to do that for you.

Like I said, API access is not available on the Maker plan. I don’t work for Glide, so I cannot do anything about that.