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Hi. I am brand new to Glide Apps. I had created my original app using Glide Tables exclusively. I wanted to use Zapier to update my Users table (which only works with Google Sheets) so I decided to duplicate my Project, create a new Team section and move the duplicate Project there. I also exported data from the original Users Glide table and imported into a new Google Sheet and revised the new Project to use that sheet as its authentication source instead. Now, looking at all of the Glide Tables used in my new Project, all data is greyed out and the app doesn’t have access to any of it (no matter which User I use to view the app). NOTE: I already followed the advice to go to my original Project and “Delete User Data” in case the app was caching from the original Users Glide Table.

Sounds like you have row owners in place. Do you correctly have row owners assigned to an email column? Does the email column contain anonymous emails? If so, there may be a disconnect between the anonymous email and the real email of the signed in user since it’s a new project.

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Thanks for responding Jeff. Yes. I have Row Owner assigned in User table to Email column. I also have Row Owner in table I am trying to access (“Recipes”) assigned to “Recipe Access” column. The new app uses real email addresses. As a test, I logged into the app on my phone with new email address, which correctly added a new row to the Users Google Sheet. I opened it in the Data Editor and added the Role of “Admin” to the new user. Same problem. None of the data is accessible. Also, I tried duplicating the data in the “Recipes” Glide Table into a Google Sheet. The data in the Sheet was not greyed out…until I set the “Recipe Access” column as the Row Owner.

What kind of data do you have in the ‘Recipe Access’ column?

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Data Type is Text and data in every cell in that column is “Admin”. Because I am using a Glide Table for “Recipes” (and can’t consolidate all Roles into a single column) I have 2 other columns (also Row Owners) for the other 2 Roles used in the app: Basic and Premium. In effect, all Roles have access to all rows in this particular table at this time.

Do you have the user profile settings correctly configured to point to the role column in the user profile table?


Ugh! Yes. That was it. Terrible on my part. I had forgotten to do this when I created the new Google Sheets User Table. Sorry to bother you with this…such an easy thing!

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No worries. Glad you got it working.

Thanks for your help!

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