Private users not able to access data

I have a an app with private users. For some reason, today when adding new users, the data that they should have access to is greyed out in the data editor view.

They have correct user roles that are working for older accounts, and if I give them one level up (Admin), they are able to access the data. Any Ideas? This is super frustrating.

Only workaround I was able to find was adding a new Owner Row Column and adding a custom value for the specific users. This is not an acceptable solution.

Have you made any changes to how you add users from the ones that are working to the ones that are not?

Also, can you show how the row owners feature is implemented with the roles in the table that’s not working?

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@NFNHello Yes, here are the sample owner roles. As you can see, the rows are all greyed out even though they share zip code owner role 94507 and 94526.

I have not made any changes to how I add users. Adding a 3rd owner column where I can set an additional role such as ‘Bypass’ works. It seems to be the zip code role that is not working for some reason. Unfortunately, being able to hide results based on zip code is the preferable capability. As you can imagine it would be nice to be able to give users access only to rows that have a certain zip code.

Gonna need more information here, such as how the roles are set up on the user profile table. How do have it set up so each user can have multiple roles?

It’ll be helpful to see how these roles are set up on the user table. Because of the multiple roles, I’m guessing you are using a Google Sheet, so a screen shot of the user table there too would be helpful. Aside from a configuration issue (wrong table, wrong column, wrong setting, etc.), there might be an issue with the values. Do you have any trailing spaces on the ones that don’t work?

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Here’s the user table. The Roles column is an array, formed from the values from several google sheet column values.

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 9.01.50 AM
And yes, I have checked that there are no trailing spaces. I also copied and pasted from the cells that are working!

@Jeff_Hager @NFNHello any thoughts with the new images provided?

A copy/paste from the working cells is a good idea to rule out issues with the values themselves. It seems like you’ve done this before. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t see anything obvious that might be causing your issue. At best, I can share how I might troubleshoot:

  • I see that you have multiple Row Owners. You might discover something by removing one of the Row Owner columns and validating how the others work.
  • Or, by the same logic, remove one of the Role columns to see if there is an obvious one, when removed, that resolves the problem.
  • Is it possible that the users that are not working just didn’t have time to sync with Google Sheets?

If all else fails, you might benefit from contacting Glide support directly at

@NFNHello I have narrowed down the problem, but still believe it is a bug.

It appears that glide is not able to properly compare strings that consist only of numbers. As I mentioned above, using the role 94507 does not work, however I am able to get it to work by appending ‘a’ to the string.

94507 doesn’t work :x:

94507a works :white_check_mark:

Based on this, it sounds like I should send this to Glide support.

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How interesting! Maybe it has something to do with the column type? Definitely open a support ticket.

It’s nice to narrow down the problem too, that’ll help Support a bunch. :slight_smile: