Wrapping a website

I know we can wrap glideapps and probably other web apps but can we wrap web sites too?

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By wrap, do you mean embed?

Glide apps do not allow themselves to be embedded. They used to, but this was stopped a few months ago.

Some web sites allow themselves to be embedded, but many (most?) do not.

No, I’m talking about when you wrap your web app to a native app? That one. Somebody in the community posted their service called nativator too?

Embedding is merging a new web page in the app right? Wow, why did glide remove that feature?

For security reasons.

Regarding wrapping, do you mean wrapping a website so it looks like a native app? That’s the core of the thing Nativator did with Glide apps as well, I believe. What’s your use case?

Wait, so we can’t put a glide app in playstore or an app store?

Or is it just the web page Embedding part that’s been removed?

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Yes. If you can turn your Glide app into a native app. For this I recommend that you use “nativator.io” From there you can choose whether you want it in the “App Store” or “Play Store” format.

I myself have several apps made in Glide transformed into native apps.

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To do this you just have to enter “Nativator.io” and follow the steps indicated on the website. It is quite simple.

If this is the solution to your problem, I would appreciate it if you would mark this answer as “solution”. Greetings!

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Thanks, but my primary question is can we wrap websites too?

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Yes, if you can do it perfectly.

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In fact you can also do this yourself with “Android Studio” but it is obviously a more complicated process.

This is not officially supported, but Nativator does it for you. I don’t know if all features in Glide can be successfully converted or not though.

If you make it to the store, make sure your app is not simply a wrapped web view version. It will eventually be removed.


What should I do differently to avoid this?

The last question wasn’t answered on this thread, so now that I am going through the same problem, I was wondering if this is still the best method to add your Glide app on both App stores? Is there any further advice on that front from people who’ve done that? Thank you so much!

Since this thread, there have been multiple reports in the forum that Nativator’s support does not offer good service. Glide still doesn’t change their stance on offering support for this, and I don’t think they will.

I thought it wouldn’t be such an issue to have a B2C app on Glide, but I was amazed to see how many (possibly >50%) users failed to add the app to their home screen for various reasons (mostly browser-related). Of course Glide was perfect to showcase our app prototype, but I think unfortunately it’s only for that stage when it comes to B2C apps.

Yeah, I wouldn’t disagree. I think Glide is focusing on internal apps.


A developer has advised me that it’s possible to wrap a glide app with flutter and then there should be no problem in having the app in the app stores. Does anyone here know more about that?

Just keep in mind that Glide doesn’t officially support methods like this for wrapping/packaging apps. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, but can you please share what do you think this practically means? I mean is it a philosophical matter about Glide’s vision, or are there specific technical implications to be taken into account when wrapping an app in Flutter?

Have you spoken with @Gideon_Lahav_Busines? I think he’s pretty knowledgeable on the topic.

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