Wrapping a website

I know we can wrap glideapps and probably other web apps but can we wrap web sites too?

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By wrap, do you mean embed?

Glide apps do not allow themselves to be embedded. They used to, but this was stopped a few months ago.

Some web sites allow themselves to be embedded, but many (most?) do not.

No, I’m talking about when you wrap your web app to a native app? That one. Somebody in the community posted their service called nativator too?

Embedding is merging a new web page in the app right? Wow, why did glide remove that feature?

For security reasons.

Regarding wrapping, do you mean wrapping a website so it looks like a native app? That’s the core of the thing Nativator did with Glide apps as well, I believe. What’s your use case?

Wait, so we can’t put a glide app in playstore or an app store?

Or is it just the web page Embedding part that’s been removed?

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Yes. If you can turn your Glide app into a native app. For this I recommend that you use “nativator.io” From there you can choose whether you want it in the “App Store” or “Play Store” format.

I myself have several apps made in Glide transformed into native apps.

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To do this you just have to enter “Nativator.io” and follow the steps indicated on the website. It is quite simple.

If this is the solution to your problem, I would appreciate it if you would mark this answer as “solution”. Greetings!

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Thanks, but my primary question is can we wrap websites too?

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Yes, if you can do it perfectly.

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In fact you can also do this yourself with “Android Studio” but it is obviously a more complicated process.

This is not officially supported, but Nativator does it for you. I don’t know if all features in Glide can be successfully converted or not though.

If you make it to the store, make sure your app is not simply a wrapped web view version. It will eventually be removed.


What should I do differently to avoid this?