🔀 Would LOVE a Random Value column!

To start, the Glide Random Value column could have min and max fields. Manual entry or select from a column (like math column). I currently use a Randbetween() formula, but the lag is KILLING me. Takes 10 seconds for the new randomvalue to populate to the sheet.

I have a button that increments a number column by this random value, so the “random” value remains the same for 8-10 seconds until it finally changes. It’s a bit novel, but incredibly useful for ANY type of gamification app.


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This is another one (along with autoupdating variables like NOW and TODAY) that would need to be in a Glide Sheets before I could ever break away. Laggy as it may be, these kinds of auto updating formulas power some of my reward distribution algorithms, streak mechanics, expiration mechanics, countdowns… basically a bunch of things devs often use to help enhance an app’s game stickiness and flow.

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One of these days someone should put together a list of features/formulas that people use in their sheets that are not possible yet with Glide, make it a public document, so that other Glide users can confirm that they use certain things. Would at least show some of the most used sheets features.

Also we need more Gamification apps with examples that inspire others to create apps that use these kinds of formulas not in Glide. Demand is always what moves the needle.


This is one I want to build if I have time, what sheets functions can be brought inside Glide and what can’t be done.

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Hear hear!