Fun and Games App: Added Slots!

:wave: Hi all!

After playing around with some ideas for randomizers, I came up with this little gem.

Inspiration: stuck inside playing board games with the kids and we couldn’t for the life of us find dice for our game. Added a random name selector because my girls couldn’t decide who would pick the next game.

I’m taking requests to include other randomizers/ mini-games/ selectors…just reply to this post below!

Here’s a preview:


Added Rock Paper Scissors!

Very cool. How did you do the random with the cube? Can you share the function behind it?

With the dice? Just created a video…I’ll upload momentarily.

What do you mean video? Every time I get different result. How did you make this happen?



Will now play with this to do something similar I wanted to do.

Thanks bro!

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I have the add a name but not pick a name.

And do not have add a picture.

Or is that only if I make a copy for myself??

How about pick a number between X and Y
Two people input their number, the app picks a number and declares a winner.

Oo…I’ll fix. I was playing with the visibility settings because I didn’t want the button to appear until they were names in the list but I must’ve done it wrong.

Removed the visibility settings for now, play around!

Of course! Pick a number! Person who’s closest wins? Should it be two player or just person vs CPU?

I was thinking 2 player. Two people input a number each. Hit sunlit. The app then picks a random number. And declares a winner.

Just giving you more challenges.

App like this.

Sweet. I’ll add it tonight. I’m gonna need a bigger menu!

Added this. Still making it look pretty, but it works!

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Just a suggestion.

On the flip a coin form, put some sort of directions like , “Click submit to flip a coin.” Or “Heads or Tails? Click Submit”

Same for pick a name.

Also. Did you remove the option for pictures on the name picker.

Another post. Sorry. I just love looking at this and thinking about the behind the scenes.

The Time always posts as 8 hours ago.

I did the 8 ball at 8:30 my time. EST

It says 12:30 today.

Me again.

I have played the pick a number game 10 times and all the numbers the app picks are less than 10.

Even when I say 1-100

Yeah…I noticed that. Not sure if it’s a bug or if Glide is making changes to the way they insert timestamps. @Mark?