🆕 Enhanced single value column

Single value column now supports getting last value, random value or a determined position from start or end of the source column.






I just saw this last night too! Will need to play around with this for sure…specifically how Random works/shuffles.


I’m really glad @Mark and the team are adding enhancements to the Single Value column. Hopefully they build in =NOW() functionality!


Even a TODAY() value that isn’t dependant on sheet updates to process… though I guess that would make upgrading to Pro less attractive for some.

I currently use an IFTHEN to check if a date is today, but a single value would be nice and clean.

Creating a number column with 100 rows of decimal numbers from 0.01 to 1, along with multiple single value columns pointing to it each of them set to random, then another math column to multiply the results of all of them… that would provide a pretty precise random number… depending on the number of single value columns… and of course, as long as these columns recalculate every time an edit is made to the sheet. @ThinhDinh does Random change with every edit? Or does it just set it something random that stays that way forever?

:game_die: Random Dice Roller

Playing around with Single Value > Random that relates to a list of numbers and then looks up a cloudinary image with that number:


Regardless, this is exciting. And definitely feels like we’re getting closer to Glide Sheets eventually having what we need to step away from Google… perhaps at first through some interesting, bulky workarounds. Has anyone suggested or requested column grouping? To keep a bunch of columns that were only created for one function organized together. I often find myself building out some piece of logic that requires 5 to 10 columns (roll ups, relations, look ups, math, etc) to function. And I always worry I’ll forget what they are or why I created them. Grouping could help there. I’d probably build more logic in the data editor than conditions on duplicate components if I had a bit better organization in that data editor (grouping, search). Drag and drop sorting and renaming was already huge though.

Anyway. These are the kind of changes that geek me out.


Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing! And so so so exciting for my use case!

I have a seasonal earning algorithm in my app where users earn a random amount of currency per content submission but that random amount is modified by a separate multiplier associated with the time of year… so certain times of year are more fruitful than others. And it updates down to the split second (upon an edit of course). So I can build half of that algo in Glide now… which is blowing my mind a bit, and making me more and more confident that my app could stay with Glide for the long term.


There are more and more elements in Glide where I think ‘why in the world would I need this’ ? Glide is becoming less and less Blom-proof :wink:


Agreed. I requested this in the Feature Requests app…column grouping and then ability to drag/drop those groups at once.


:musical_note: You say tomayto, I say tomahto, you say external URL linking, I say special recalculating values. Let’s call the whole thing off :musical_note: :wink:


@david you were asking the other day about use cases for a Row Numbers column. To use this Random feature as Robert is showing in his video, you’d need to create a corresponding column of non-repeating numbers. Would be nice not to have to do that manually.


It’s important that someone keeps pointing out that Glide can be for the masses, next to the spreadsheet geeks! :slight_smile:


Not going down that rabbit hole with you again, Blom. :wink:

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:heart_eyes: Just found out you can do a Random Single Value from a RELATION COLUMN:


@Robert_Petitto we may be getting close to needing to schedule a Glide game night (or day for those who might join from other countries).


@Mark Does the Single Value > Random value per row ONLY change on a shuffle action (unlike a =RANDBETWEEN() formula that changes on sheet edit)?

While the app is running that should be the only time it changes, yes.

Does it also change upon screen navigation away and back to the screen? If so, that would be ideal. I assume this is also user specific?