Single Value Random - How often, When

How does the random option on the single value column work?
How often is the random choice changed, what triggers the change, does each user see a different value or only if its a user specific column?


The Random Number plugin depends on its “seed” and if it is based on time and you want to have a unique value, its value will change every 10 secs (fastest speed).

Of course, if you create your own seed to get a new value as fast as possible, you need to be sure that a variable associated to time is involved in your process.



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Thanks Gvalero, but I’m referring to the single value column not the random number plugin.

Single Value Random will update when a user refreshes the app. It’s specific to each user.


Ah… the Single Value!!

Sorry for the misunderstanding :woozy_face:, the answer is what @Eric_Penn wrote!


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Hi again!

but you could create your own random values changing every 10 secs ready to be used by any Single Value Column. Something like this:


In this case, my “Name+Time” column is the seed used by my “Random Number” column (plugin).

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