Need Help getting random items

Hi everyone! I need your help (I am fully new so excuse me if my question is too silly…)
I am building an app that has to pick 2 random items from a column (i have 3 columns in my table, 1 with the items, and other 2 single value, configured to get Randomly from the first one).
Sometimes the app chooses to pick the same 2 items (that is, the random number generated is the same), and i need 2 different items. I can´t figure out how to avoid the app to choose the same value for both.
Also, i want the full process to rebuild by clicking a button, that is, to remake the single value columns and pick again 2 items, without log out and in again in the app.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading me, hope i could explain my issue well. Goodnight everyone

You’re halfway there!

Here’s how I would build it:

  1. Single Value > Random (Returns Thing 1 from list of Things)
  2. Lookup Column > Things (Returns an array of all the Things)
  3. Array > Remove Element Column (Removes Thing 1 from the Things Array)
  4. Single Value > Random (Returns Thing 2 from the Array in Step 3)

Robert_Petitto ! Of course, you´re right as usual !! Clean and simple solution, many thanks mate. Hat off from Spain, and nice day to you all