Button to randomise prompts in my app

Hey guys!

I am working on an app right now which gives a prompt for ideation. I have a table with a list of prompts, one per row, and I’d like this “Shuffle” button to be able to randomly shuffle to another prompt in that table.

Once happy the user fills the ideas and that gets saved as a row in another table with the prompt and the ideas, one per column.

Bonus help - I’d also like the user to be able to skip the provided prompt and type their own in!

Super appreciate any help here.

Sorry for being n00b!

Natter soon,


Please check this concept from @Jeff_Hager .

Regarding the ability to “skip”, I think you can just add a user-specific column, point a text entry there and when that column is not empty, you use that as the prompt instead of the “random” prompt.

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